’No Consent’ up to 30sqm Building Auckland – Design & Build

Take advantage of recent changes in government legislation that now allows the construction of buildings up to 30sqm without requiring building consent.

“Invest in your own backyard”

Urban & Lifestyle Homes offer unique building options for your new small building project.

Relocatable New Small Build Up to 150sqm in Auckland

Options –
  • Design & Construction of your new building.
  • Custom design of building to fit your site.
  • Quality construction to the NZ Building Code 3604, by a LBP Registered Builder.
  • Range of building designs – small and medium size, 10 – 150sqm.
  • Choice of exterior cladding & roofing materials and colours to harmonise your new build with any existing property buildings.
  • Addition of bathroom and / or kitchen, at a later date, with correct consents.
  • Small buildings and modular units are transportable / relocatable.

Small No Consent Building Services Auckland Wide

Our 30 sqm Designs

* NB  Bathroom / Kitchen area subject to consent at a later date

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